Bijzonder inktstel van Wolfers Freres BelgiŽ jaren 30.

Mooie robuuste uitvoering.

De inktpot alleen is 9,5cm x 9,5 cm met een totale hoogte van 10,5 cm.

Het heeft een gewicht van 1,5 kg!

Het plateau weegt 350 gram aam zilver en heeft als afmeting 25cmx 20 cm

Alles is gekleurd met de Wolfers keur.1892-1942 driehoek met 3 sterren.


Wolfers was one of the most s of the 19th/20th century, its reputation comparable to those of Emile Puiforcat, Odiot or Aucoc in Paris, Garrard in London, and Tiffany or Gorham in America.


This beautiful crystal inkwell with silver cover on a silver stand with crossbanding is a one of a kind piece of the famous company. Especially the dimensions are great: the crystal inkwell with original small removable glass pot has a weight of 1,5 kilo and measures 9 x 9 x 6,5 cm excl the cover Ė with the cover the height is 10,5 cm.

The fully silver stand on 3 small round feet has a weight of 350 gram and measures 25 x 20 cm.

The condition of the crystal well plus silver cover is perfect: not a piece of crystal is missing and the delicate cut of the bottom causes a great sparkling effect on the whole! At the top of the cover is a monogram. The hinge is in perfect condition. Only the small glass removable inkglass (original) has a small chip at the upper rim.

The stand is in very nice condition as well: not one dent or whatsoever: the only thing is that the silver has small black spots (from the use of ink), but a professional polisher can easily bring it back in original state.

Both pieces are marked with the Wolfers hallmark which was used from 1892 until 1942: three pentacles (5-point stars) contained in a triangle. It is a rare example of a personal mark using Masonic symbols.